PieQuest Full Game

PieQuest Full Game

PieQuest is a math and puzzles game, dedicated especially for children from 3 to 12 years old. It has three different playing modes: the Math Training mode, the Puzzles mode and the Game mode.
PieQuest- Math Training is a math and puzzles game, and since it has changeable settings, it’s suitable for all ages (even for parents).
In this mode of PieQuest, your kids will have fun improving their basic arithmetic skills: every time they give the right answer one piece of the puzzle is revealed.
PieQuest-Math Training is a great way to learn time tables!

PieQuest- The Game is a fun arithmetic and jigsaw puzzles game with 25 difficulty levels. Each time you try to join two pieces of the puzzle an arithmetic operation will pop-up. Give the right answer and the two pieces will glue together.
Math can be fun! How fast can you add and multiply? Solve basic math operations against the clock!

PieQuest-Puzzles is a jigsaw puzzle game for your ipad, and is suitable for kids of all ages and even adults who want to have fun, since you can choose from 4 to 200 pieces and you can even choose the shape of the pieces.
You can spend minutes or hours doing puzzles with your kids.

Kids love it, their parents love it and teachers encourage everyone to play PieQuest.
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Note to Parents: Please adjust the desired skill level you want your child to learn and practice at.

•Background music.
•Fun sounds and music to entertain you
•50 different beautiful illustrations.
In Puzzle’s mode:
•You can choose from 4 to 200 pieces.
•You can choose between 4 different shapes of pieces.
In Game mode:
•Win extra number of moves, points and time: you have to give the right answer as fast as you can, the faster the better.
• You can start at the last level you have completed.
In Math Training mode:
• You can choose the type of operations (+, -, ÷ and x) you want to practice: from 1 to the 4 of them.
• You can choose the number of digits in the operations, from 1 to 4.
•You can choose the dimensions of the puzzle: 4, 9, 16 or 25 pieces.